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Monday, January 7, 2013

3 Best Ways to Get Great Referrals

Everyone gains plenty of great advantages from referrals. However, it is vital that you make a very good referral in order for everybody to benefit and achieve your lead generation goals. So what do you think?

Precisely what else should persons consider when making testimonials and referrals? Here are 4 approaches to make and give fantastic referrals.

Have a good knowledge of what customers want

Over the years we have received well-intentioned referrals only to discover that the person we used to be referred to had minimal need for my companies.

In today’s well-connected, social media globe, it is not uncommon to provide a referral to someone that is not appropriate. And this only wastes the time of everyone involved.

If you want to offer great referrals, you need to have an excellent understanding of a couple things…

1. What the person whom you’re referring does and how they can assist the company you are recommending them to.

2. What are the companies to whom you will be making the referral actually needs with respect to a potential solution.

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Give a heads up

Before you send an email in order to connect or introduce the two people (or firms) you should give the human being you are referring any heads up and offer them some background information.
This particular leads me to a higher point…

Make sure your introduction is well-written

Several of the affiliate emails I have received are poorly created. They contain punctuation mistakes or misprint errors. They guide previous conversations that only two of the three people are privy to.

They don’t put together how the contact (possibility) will benefit by getting together with or speaking with your referred party. Plus they don’t contain enough info to compel myself (or my brand-new potential prospect) to take action on the referral.

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